Summer School 2014 combined with the 4-th Coordination Meeting

During 14-19 July 2014 at the International Sakharov Ecological University (ISEU), Minsk, Belarus was being held the 1-st Summer School combined with the 4-th Coordination Meeting.

At the beginning of the Meeting Rector of the ISEU – Prof. Valerii Dunai welcomed all the participants.

During the first day of the Meeting summary of the results for the 2nd Project year (academic content and management aspects) was presented by the representatives of the Kyiv International University as the PC coordinator.

The presentation as for financial situation within the Project was performed by the Dr. Pedro Montera, the University of Cordoba, Spain. The issues as for equipment purchasing for PC Universities were discussed. The Director of the National Tempus Office of Belarus – Dr. Nikolay Listopad participated in the consultations mentioned above.

Each University participants of the Project reported about current situation as for a Project realization (2-nd year). Preliminary dates of the further meetings and mobility activities were determined.

In the framework of the Summer School each participated university held presentations as for implementation of the MSc/PhD Program at home university, scientific topic related to profile of appropriate Working Group. Visits to the research station of the ISEU and forest reserve “Khoiniki” have been carried out.