Successful Examples of Inter-university Cooperation within the Project

Besides direct work in the framework of the present Project, some of the participants develop inter-university cooperation in the field of individual mobility programs and joint research projects.

Thus Zhytomyr State Technological University (ZSTU, Ukraine) has been collaborating with the University of Florence (UniFi, Italy) in the framework of the Academic Mobility Program of the Government of Ukraine since 2013. During April-June 2013 three Master students from the ZSTU in the specialty “Ecology and Environment” (related to the HUMAN Project thematic): Kateryna Pinchuk, Anna Shevchuk and Anna Hurska were preparing their Master Theses at the base of the UniFi by the double supervision of Prof. Franco Milano and their tutors at home university.

During March-May 2014 in the framework of the Program mentioned above Iryna Davydova, PhD Deputy Head of the Department of Ecology, ZSTU (who is also member of the Working Group 3 within the HUMAN Project) is working under her research by the supervision of Prof. Franco Milano at the base of the Department of Experimental and Clinical Biomedical Sciences, UniFi.

Other example of inter-university cooperation is a joint research project of Zhytomyr State Technological University and Swedish University  of Agricultural Sciences (SLU). The Project “Investigation of Cs-137 Migration in Forest Ecosystems” is supported by the Swedish Radiation Safety Authority since 2012. It is being realized by the Department of Ecology, ZSTU (Iryna Davydova, PhD; Yuriy Mandro, PhD student) and Department of Soil and Environment, SLU (Dr. Klas Rosen; Dr. Mykhailo Vinichuk).

During the last Coordination Project Meeting the possibilities of enhancement of inter-university cooperation among the rest of the participants were discussed. Such relations can be realized both on the bilateral basis and by participating in multi-country Projects. Good opportunities are opened now in the framework of new EU Program Erasmus+.

ZSTU – UniFi: Academic Mobility Program  

ZSTU – SLU: Joint Research Project