Retraining Session of Partner Countries Teachers at the base of EU Universities (renewed)

In the beginning of 2014 started Trainings of the second cohort of Project Participants, members of the Working Group 2 and 3 at the base of EU Universities.
During 10-21 February Training of the teaching staff (members of the Working Group 3) has being carried out at the base of Swedish University of Agriculture Sciences (Uppsala).
PC visitors:
– Zhytomyr State Technological University (UA);
– Cheliabinsk State University (RU);
– Grodno State Agrarian University (BY).
Representatives of Working Group 3 visited lectures and seminars presented by the host teachers/experts. Also a visit to labs in Radioecology and Dosimetry was organized.

During 11-22 November 2013 trainings of the first cohort of Partner Countries teachers, members of Working Groups 4 and 5 at the base of EU Universities have being carried out.
Representatives of appropriate Working Groups visited lectures and seminars presented by the EU teachers/experts during staying at the host Universities.

Representatives of the WG 5 had their visit to the University of Cordoba.
PC visitors:
– Kyiv International University (UA);
– Ural Federal University (RU);
– Belorussian State University (BY).

Members of the WG4 in the framework of their training session plan visited two Universities: Riga Technical University – 11-15 November and the University of Florence – 18-22 November :
PC visitors:
– Vinnytsya National Pirogov Memorial Medical University (UA);
– Tyumen State Medical Academy (RU);
– Grodno State Medical University (BY).
At the base of Riga Technical University delegation visited the Department of Biomedical Engineering and Nanotechnologies also the visit to the museum of Medicine Technique was organized. Besides, members of the WG4 held their lectures for Master students of Riga Technical University. At the base of the University of Florence the visit to the Department of Experimental and Clinical Biomedical Sciences was carried out.

Photos from the trainings mentioned above are below.

Training of the WG5 at the University of Cordoba

Training of the WG4 at Riga Technical University & the University of Florence

Training of the WG3 at Swedish University of Agriculture Sciences